Sharnga Guest House


Information Chart

Dear guests of Sharnga Guest House,

We are happy to welcome you to Auroville and hope that you will enjoy your stay with us. This chart is to give you some information on how we have organized our guest house.

Reception Timings:

  • 8:30 am to 8:30 pm from Monday to Saturday
  • 8:30 am to 5 pm on Sunday

Check in time is at 1 pm. There is a half day charge for early check in between 8 am to 1 pm and a full day charge in case of check in earlier than 8 am.

Check out time is 10 am. There is a half day charge for late check out between 10 am and 4 pm and a full day charge in case of check out after 4 pm.

Registration. All guests, whether of Indian or foreign nationality, are requested to do a full registration at the time of check in. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Safe. Each room has a safe. You will need to put your own lock on the safe door.
We also provide the possibility of keeping your valuables/passport/Traveler cheques/Tickets etc… in a safe at the reception. Please contact the person at the reception. If you wish to recover anything from this safe, you will only be able to do it between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.
We are not responsible for any disappearance of your belongings, so please use the safe facilities provided.

Confidentiality (for Indian guests). Holiday IQ asks us for your phone number to contact you and get your feedback on your stay in our guest house. If you do not want us to give them your phone number, please make sure you inform us at the reception.

We provide for our guests:

A map of Auroville

At your arrival, we give you a map of Auroville that will allow you to find your way around on the Auroville roads.


We will issue you an Aurocard which allows you to enter various facilities in Auroville as well as to open an account in the Auroville Financial Service and to function in the Auroville internal economical system. (You will be asked a 500 rs deposit at the guest house. Then, you will need to go to the Auroville Financial Services, deposit money on your newly created account that will allow you to use the Aurocard as a debit card within Auroville only).

Indian Government Taxes and Contribution to Auroville:

There is an Auroville contribution of 20% of the room charge that goes towards maintaining Auroville’s infrastructure. This amount is included in your room rate.

There is also the GST to be paid to the Indian Government of 12 to 18% on the room rate. This amount is included in your room rate.


  • Please think of closing your taps, switching off your fans, AC and lights and locking your door when you leave your room.
  • Please have in mind that other guest could be disturbed by loud voices or noise from 10 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.
  • Please note that no drugs or alcohol are allowed in Sharnga Guest House.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the room.
  • There is no supervision of the water spots and pool areas, so please be in charge of your children.
  • If you wish to give a tip for the people working at the guest house, please give it at the reception, we will distribute it equally amongst all. Everybody has their part to play in the maintaining of the place.
  • Please feel free to contact the reception or the person in charge in case of any need or enquiry.

A few words on our economy

We are trying to follow a different economy system in Auroville, with no internal cash circulation of money. Many places will not accept cash payments, but you can pay with your Aurocard (card given to you at the reception that will allow you to open an account at the Auroville Financial Services and use it as a debit card.)

Concerning the payment of your stay at our guest house, you can either pay at the reception itself or at the Auroville Financial Services with your debit/credit bank card. We also accept cash payments. There are also ATM machines near Auroville.

When you stay in an Auroville Guest House, you should know that you are contributing and participating to Auroville’s economy.

There is no private property in Auroville. The Guest House is an asset of Auroville Foundation, even though the land was bought and the Guest House was built with personal funds. Guest houses are considered as money generating services. The totality of the payment is deposited directly at the Auroville financial services.

History of Sharnga G.H

Sharnga Guest House is located in Sharnga community, one of the 150 settlements in Auroville. Sharnga community was started by Claude and Bernard on a barren land in 1976, first as a farm then as a stud farm having up to 40 horses. In 1992, when it was time to evolve and change once again, the horse sheds were transformed into rooms to welcome new comers into Auroville and guests as a co project of Bernard and Sigrid. Slowly Sharnga Guest House grew into a full-fledged Guest House it is today. The farm also grew into a residential community with each new resident their own work and activity.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Auroville and hope you enjoy your stay with us, in Sharnga Guest house.