Sharnga is a “forest” guest house under a lush canopy of big trees. As you walk around, you are in the midst of a lush, green, natural garden. The birds, butterflies, fish, horses, dogs, bugs, and micro-creatures also share this home, this living environment with us humans. As most animals and insects are shy, and seasonal; one does not always see or meet them, but if you are quiet and/or lucky, you might be privileged enough to meet one or more of our co-inhabitants. Some have joined us by being chosen, and brought home (pets) but many simply found their way here through the abundance of nature, and decided to stay, much like the people residing here today.

More photos of our animals (wild and domestic) and all the wonderful bugs that make our ecosystem, you can go to our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @sharnga.guesthouse.auroville  for more regular updates of Sharnga Guest House and all that call it home.

More photos of animals and bugs you can see on our Facebook page