Within the guest house



We have a massage room perched up on the roof top of the gym hall which allows total privacy and gives the feeling of being in a relaxing tree house. There are various massage therapists with different expertise/techniques who can come on appointment to treat you. The cost will vary according to the treatment. Any charges are to be paid to the therapist directly.


  • We have a beautiful yoga hall you can use for your personal use outside of scheduled workshop timings. It is free of charge, if you are staying at our guesthouse.



We have a well-equipped gym for your personal use, do request the key at the office. It is free of charge if you are staying in our guesthouse.


Kali offers to take you on a half day or full day tours to discover the hidden, off-the-beaten-track spots in the surrounding areas outside of Auroville. She can also take you to Pondy to visit the town in a way you would never have been able to on your own, discovering heritage buildings and glimpses into the authentic Pondicherry. (3 people minimum) Costs vary according to program. Call: 9443090114

Horse Caring and Communication

Mirrabelle can introduce you to her horses and allow you, or you and your child(ren), or your child alone; to have a first-hand experience in grooming and taking care of a horse.  Enjoy a real farm-life experience!
She also offers Body Language Courses (How to be effective using Bodylanguage); as well and Equine-Assisted Therapy for children.

Within Sharnga community

Inner Way Tai Chi School. You can contact them directly, by writing to them at

Within Auroville

You will not have anything to “see” or to “visit” in Auroville; like you would in a regular touristic visit of a city. Auroville is more a place to experience life. You will need to take the time to discover an amazing number of people, all very committed and passionate about their activity, engaged in trying to use their work as a base for their yoga, applying to their best consciousness throughout their activity.

The best start-off is to go to the Visitor Centre where you will find the Matrimandir office (to get your pass to visit the Matrimandir, a very good cafeteria and 3 boutiques of products all made in Auroville, this will give you an idea of the wide variety of articles produced in Auroville.

We are happy to guide you to more specific areas linked with your personal interest. Please ask at the reception of the Guest House.

If you wish to have guided tours within Auroville, you can contact

  • Inside India (German and English):  (+91) 0413-2622047 or (+91) 0413-2622555
  • Prayanam Tours-Gopi (Tamil and English): (+91) 9943106597
  • Veronique (French or English): (+91) 9488512678

Places to visit

You will have here under a short list of some of the activities in Auroville that have a set up to welcome visitors with visiting hours or a show room. You can go on the Auroville website to look for more extensive information.

Things to do

  • YEPweek (Youth Entertainment Program) is specially designed for guest kids aged 7 to 12, to help them to discover Auroville in an authentic way, even if their stay is quite short. From place to place, the kids will participate in activities facilitated by Aurovilians, visit farms, gardens, units, and be involved in community life, as well as play interactive games and have fun.
    This program is held from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, weekly from Monday to Friday. However, according to availability, we are happy to welcome some kids also from Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday. Contact: or +91 763 932 17 50.
  • Workshops guided by international professionals in alternative therapies, yoga, meditation, counseling take place in the Yoga Hall (
  • Bharathanatyam classes for beginners and advanced level. Contact:
  • Pottery White Peacock. Family clay class on Saturdays 2-4 pm by prior booking (latest on Friday evening). Contact: +91 (413) 262 27 69 or +91 978 757 16 33.

Where to eat?

  • Solar Kitchen – is our Auroville main central kitchen and dining hall. They cater food to all Auroville schools, and prepare an average of 800 meals a day. They do not accept cash payment, so if you wish to eat there, you will either have to pay with your Aurocard, or buy a coupon from our reception.
  • La Terrace – on the roof top of the solar kitchen.
  • SatChitAnanda – a unique experience of raw food vegan restaurant. (
  • Naturellement – Authentic mediterranean cuisine. All fresh products and selected ingredients. Peaceful atmosphere with garden, court yard and roof seating.
  • GP Café – south indian food and meals.
  • Well Café – middle east food.
  • Tanto – Delicious fire wood pizzas, and Italian food.
  • Tanto Sri Ma – tables under the trees, with access to a swimming pool and to the beach. There is also SPA and playground for children to play. A perfect space to chill, enjoy and take a break while appreciating good food.
  • Solitude Farm restaurant – excellent fresh food in a very simple environment. Solitude is a permaculture farm. Products picked from the farm, and menus elaborated accordingly.
  • Le Morgan – situated in the Town hall, nice “brasserie” food with a fantastic view.

Please go to Auroville website for more detailed information.