Room tariff

Years 2016-17 (all taxes included, in Indian Rupees)

Room No. 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People Photos Description
1 1450 2450       Shared bathroom
2 1450 2450       Shared bathroom
3 1450 2450       Shared bathroom
4 3000 3900 4500     Triple room with bath attached ( hot water )
5 3100 3950 4850 5750 6650 Family unit ( hot water )
6 3100 3950       A/C. Double room with bath attached (hot water)
7 3100 3950 4850 5750 6650 Family unit ( hot water )
8 2100 3000       Double room with bath attached ( hot water)
9 2100 3000       Double room with bath attached ( hot water)
10 2100 3000       Double room with bath attached ( hot water)
11 3100 3950 4850 5750 6650 Family unit ( hot water )
12 2950 3850       A/C. Double room with bath attached (hot water)
13 3350 4250 5150 6050 6950 Family unit ( hot water )
14 2950 3850       Double room with bath attached ( hot water) A/c
15 2950 3850       Double room with bath attached ( hot water) A/c
  • We do not charge for children below 1 year. We charge only 350 Rs for children from 1 year to 6 years; 700 Rs for children from 6 years to 10 years of age. This basically includes the meals and other services of the Guest house. So the room tariff will change accordingly.
  • High season from – from 15 December to 30 March and from 1 July to 30 August. Intermediary season – from 1st April to 30 May and from 1st September to 15 December. During intermediary season, we apply a degressive tariff: first week – full tariff; 2nd week – 10% discount; 3rd week -15% discount; 4th week – 20% discount; after 5th week – 25% discount.
  • A different tariff “per person” applies for groups during high season and government holidays. The tariff changes to a tariff per person, as we may have a fixed number of people distributed in a variable number of rooms. This tariff is 2450 rs per person all services included and replaces the room rate. During intermediary season – regular room rate.
    A “group” is a group of people traveling together with a group leader and coordinator, coming and going all together with a fix date of arrival and departure. This does not apply to a group of friends traveling together for a weekend or a short break, neither to a family nor a joint family.
  • These rates may be subject to change without prior notice.

Services included in our Price

Breakfast is served between 8 and 10 am.

Dinner is served at 7:00 pm. The food served is continental and when Indian food is prepared it is non spicy. There is a starter (soup or salad), a main course (veg or non veg) and a desert. Please inform us at the reception if there are any particular food habits (veg) or allergies we should be aware of.

The food prepared is same for all, served on table (family style) there cannot be last minute requests. Please be aware that breakfast and dinner are included in the room rate and if not taken will not be deducted from your bill. But if you do not have dinner with us please let us know by 2 pm so there is no food wastage.

Note: There is no lunch served at our GH. Please contact someone at the reception for information on the different options within AV.

Laundry. Put your laundry in the basket at the reception in the morning before 10 am and you can get it back clean, dry and folded (not ironed) on the shelf at the reception, the next day.

Room cleaning is available on request every day. Please hook your key with the yellow token and hang it in your room box in the reception. Please don’t go for more than 3 days without room cleaning, in this kind of climate and environment, we need to access and clean your room.

WI-FI. Please note that there is no Wifi in the rooms, only in the common sitting area. Please contact the reception for the password.

Phone. You can use the phone at the reception for local calls only.

Small Pool to refresh yourself.

Lounge. We have a very nice, cozy, comfortable airconditionned TV room that has a projector and big screen. TV channels (Annual grand sports, Ten Action, Ten HD, Ten sport, HBO defined, HBO Hits), and a laptop with a well furnished choice of movies to choose from.
You may bring your own selection of movies and documentaries to share with other guests if you wish.

Yoga hall and Gym

Taxi booking. There are several taxi companies available on call; the list is at the reception. The taxi cost is not included in our services, you will have to pay them directly.

Parking. When you have your private car, please use the parking at the entrance of the Guest House.

Cycles. We have cycles for rent at the guest house itself- please contact the person at the reception.

Aqua guard water filter and Aquadyn water purifier.

Tax and Auroville Guest Contribution.

Only vehicles and lunch are not included in our Price

  • Vehicles. We can contact renters for a 2 wheeler for you (scooter, TVS, or gear bike).
  • For lunch options and information please refer to our Activities.